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Brand: Sonic - USA + Denmark


Type: BTE (Behind-the-ear).

3 performance levels: 40, 80 

Also available in: - BTE (Behind-the-ear)

   Trek BTE Super Power (SP) and Ultra Power (UP) are the most powerful hearing aids built on the Sonic SoundDNA platform. They are designed for users with severe to profound hearing losses and are available in two performance levels.

  • TREK 80​

  • 14 channels computer-programmable with 4 programs (13 environments option, selection of music program SmartMusic)

  • Frequency Bandwidth is up to 10 KHz

  • Revolutionize SPiN Management technology with SPiN Noise Reduction and SPiN Engage locates speech while suppressing background noise  to help make conversations clear and comfortable in each program

  • Tinnitus SoundSupport feature helps provide relief from tinnitus

  • Frequency Transfer feature transfers difficulty hearing higher-frequency sounds to a lower region so you’ll better hear subtle speech sounds

  • SmartCompress feature accurately adjusts to your surroundings for stunningly natural listening experiences

  • Binaural Coordination feature for changing volume and program, Noise Management from one hearing aid to other side automatically

  • Hydrophobic coating, IP68 rated and over-all design protects against dust and continuous immersion in three feet water

  • Wireless connect directly to iPhone (compatible with devices running iOS 11.0 or later), Android smartphone (via Sonic app) and Sonic accessories.

  • Level hearing loss: from severe to profound hearing loss

  • Type of battery: size 13,675


Sonic - Enchant ITC

Sonic - Enchant ITE

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