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Brand: Vista - Swiss


Type: BTE


Also available in:  - CIC (Invisible In the Canal)

Suitable for clients with moderate or severe hearing loss

  • SoundSuite OS™, the highly advanced signal processing system that delivers an adaptable and personalized solution with natural sounding

  • Bluetooth connect to mobile phone,laptop, Ipad,..

  • Able to simutanously connect to 2 devices at once

  • 2 Streaming environment : Media Speech and Media Music.

  • 2-7 Listening Environment.  

  • 12-20 channels.

  • Speech intensifier.

  • Noise reduction.

  • Telecoil.

  • Directional microphone.

  • Pulse protector 2.

  • Wind control & Feedback manager.

  • Frequency compression 2 with 1 slider to help improve audibility/distinction and the other slide can clarify consonants/vowels.

  • Tinitus break.

  • Automatic adaptation manager to help new users get used to their hearing aids gradually in a defined period.

  • Also compatible with other devices such as: TV connector, Partner Mic, Remote control, RogerDirect,...

  • Matrix : 141/84.

  • Fitting range: 120dB.

Vista Plus CIC

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