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Brand: Nuear - U.S.A




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Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

  • Savant AI, NuEar’s complete line of smartphone connected hearing aids, is loaded with our most advanced,innovative technology and clearest sound ever.

  • 12-24 channels

  • Directly connect to phone or through Thrive app.

  • Directly stream music, TV, calls or media to your phone.

  • Noise Energy: With a 40% reduction in noise energy, compared to previous technology, your sound quality is better than ever.

  • 2-Way Audio*: Directly from your hearing aids instead of your Apple device. Plus, hearing aid microphones pick up and stream your voice directly back to iPhone and iPad,* allowing you to seamlessly talk hands-free

  • Edge Mode : Industry-leading sound processing that uses the artificial intelligence inside the hearing aids helps hear better in challenging listening environments, even masks or social distance.

  • TeleHear™ : Remote programming offers even more flexibility and fine tuning so hearing professional can support you wherever you are.

  • Fall alert: Detect when a wearer falls, and send alert messages to selected friends or family members.

  • Geotagged memories : Automatically switch modes when the GPS feature in your smartphone detects you are in a tagged location.

  • Reminders: Get calendar and reminder alerts directly through your hearing aids.

  • Feedback cancellation

  • Battery size: 12

  • Fitting range : 130/70dB

Vista Plus CIC

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