Audio Service SINA 16G5

Brand: Audio Service - Germany


Type: CIC - Completely In the Canal

Also available in: - CIC SINA 16-G5 (Completely In the Canal)

Suitable for mid range hearing loss​



  • In-ear hearing systems with G5 technology impress with their unique sound and many
    innovative features. Sina G5 hearing systems can be conveniently operated with the Smart
    Remote App or with the Smart Key remote control.

  • SINA 16G5

  • 48 signal processing channels / 20 frequency channels / 20 AGC channels / 20 MPO
    channels with 6 hearing programs (new selection of 3 options music hearing program,
    and 2 options phone call program)

  • Noise management system is automatically activated to ensure unhindered quality of
    hearing at all environments.

  • Frequency and dynamics concept with TRC S, Selective frequency compression, HiFi
    functionality and Extended Dynamic Range compress high-frequency information in
    a deeper frequency range, extends signal bandwidth to 10 KHz helps wearer hear
    difficulty high-frequency sounds better and experience multi-faceted, complex and full

  • Automatic functions: Comfort365, Intelligent Acclimatic and Comformatic automatic
    helps new users to get used to the hearing systems gradually

  • Control volume and hearing programs via convenient app Smart Remote on Smartphone;
    Wireless connect directly to AudioService accessories

  • Level hearing loss: from Mild to moderate hearing loss

  • Type of instrument: semi-modular CIC

  • Type of battery: size 10

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