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Brand: Audio Service - Germany


Type: IIC Invisible In the Canal

For mild to severe hearing loss

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  • Hearing aid type (IIC): Invisible in the canal, fit inside the ear, just in front of the tympanic membrane, completely invisible.  

  • 32 signal processing channels  

  • 16 frequency channels

  • 6 listening programs (with Music Select)

  • Comfort 365 analyzes the environment to reduce background noise and highlights speech for better hearing

  • Anti-Feedback system accurately identifies and cancels feedback

  • Noise Manager (Adaptive noise reduction, Impulse suppressor, Auto-situation adaption)

  • Selective frequency compression improves the audibility of speech cues that would otherwise have been lost, while maintaining the best sound quality possible.

  • Programmable Tinnitus function

  • HiFi functionality helps your difficulty in hearing higher-frequency sounds 

  • Automatic power-on delay allows clients to place the device in the ear without annoying sounds like squealing. 

  • Battery compartment as on/off switch 

  • Situation push button for program change (integrated in battery compartment lid)

  • Level-dependent signal tones for low battery voltage

  • Connecting wirelessly to TV, cell phone, mp3 players through wireless accessory Audiostreamer Smart Connect (OPTION)

  • Matrix: 115/50 dB

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