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Brand: Sonic - USA


Type: ITC - In The Canal

Also available in: > BTE (Behind The Ear)

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

sonic_cheer20_digital_hearing_aid copy.p
  • Speech variable processing helps to keep sounds natural and speech clear. preserves the nuances of speech – the soft and loud sounds that occur in every word

  • Computer programable 

  • Frequency bandwidth up to 8kHz

  • 4 listening programs

  • Automatic power on delay allows children to place the device in the ear without annoying sounds like squealing

  • Adaptive feedback canceller identifies and cancels feedback from a noisy environment

  • Omni/Fixed Directionality helps locate the direction of the sound 

  • Soft Noise Reduction reduces quiet but distracting sounds in the background (like a fan or whirring noise) without modifying the amplification of important speech-related signals

  • Speech priority noise reduction maximize the ability to understand speech

  • International warranty

  • Battery size : 312

Sonic - Cheer 20 BTE

Behind The Ear

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