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Sonic - Enchant ITC

Brand: Sonic - USA + Denmark


Type: ITC - In The Canal

2 performance levels: 20, 40 

Also available in: - IIC (Invisible In the Canal)

                              - CIC (Completely In the Canal)

                              -  ITE (In The Ear)

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

  • Speech variable processing helps to keep sounds natural and speech clear. Helps to preserve the nuances of speech – the soft and loud sounds that occur in every word 

  • Frequency Bandwidth: 8 kHz

  • 4 listening programs

  • SmartCompress accurately adjusts to your surroundings for natural listening experiences and controls noise amplifications

  • SoundDNA automatically detects and adapts to the environment for a more natural hearing 

  • Tinnitus SoundSupport generates customizable sound and amplification therapy to counteract the perception of tinnitus

  • SPiN Management technology with SPiN Noise Reduction and SPiN Engage locates speech while suppressing background noise  to help make conversations clear and comfortable in each program

  • Wind Noise Reduction makes time outdoors more enjoyable

  • Soft Noise Reduction minimizes background distractions like a whirring fan or humming refrigerator

  • Directional microphones helps to locate the sound

  • Frequency Transfer compresses high-frequency and changes it to frequencies with better hearing (only for Enchant 40)

  • Hydrophobic coating, IP68 rated

  • SoundLink 2 app (iOS and Android)

  • Push button, volume control
  • Auto Telephone (telecoil detection)

  • Battery size : 312



Sonic - Enchant ITE

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