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Brand: Puretone - Anh


Type: ITE - In The Ear

Also available in: CIC (Completely In the Canal)

Suitable for moderate to mildly severe hearing loss

cic puretone 660.png
  • 6 Channels

  • 6 gain handles

  • 3 hearing programs

  • Personal Noise Reduction feature automatically reduces noise depending on where you are

  • Feedback Manager Plus targets and removes feedback, rapidly and precisely 

  • Tinnitus sound generator: Programmable customized tinnitus therapy sounds, helps clients relief from tinnitus. 

  • Microphone Directionality quickly analyzes the incoming signal to determine the location of the sound (4 options)

  • High durability owing to Nano coating protection

  • Push button and programmable Volume Control

  • Matrix

  •          *125/52 dB (CIC)

  •          *136/66 dB (ITE) 

Puretone- 660P CIC

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