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Sonic - Enchant ITE

Brand: Sonic - USA + Denmark


Type: ITE - In The Ear

2 performance levels: 20, 40 

Also available in: - IIC (Invisible In the Canal)

                               - CIC (Completely In the Canal)

                               - ITC (In The Canal)

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

  • Speech Variable processing helps to keep sounds natural and speech clear. Helps to preserve the nuances of speech – the soft and loud sounds that occur in every word 

  • Frequency Bandwidth 8 kHz

  • 4 listening programs

  • Directional microphones helps locate the sound

  • Volume and program change button

  • SoundDNA - more natural hearing and adaptive to patients individually 

  • Tinnitus Soundsupport generates customizable sound and amplification therapy to counteract the perception of tinnitus

  • SPiN Noise management technology with SPiN Noise Reduction and SPiN Engage locates speech while suppressing background noise  to help make conversations clear and comfortable in each program. Additional features help to separate speech from noise so conversations are more clear 

  • Wind Noise Reduction makes time outdoors more enjoyable

  • Soft Noise Reduction  minimizes background distractions like a whirring fan or humming refrigerator

  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller identifies and cancels feedback from a noisy environment

  • Frequency Transfer compresses high-frequency and changes it to frequencies with better hearing (absent in ITE Enchant 20)

  • Hydrophobic coating, IP68 rated

  • SoundLink 2 (iOS and Android)

  • Data Logging 

  • Auto telephone (telecoil detection)

  • Battery size : 13

  • International warranty



Sonic - Enchant ITC

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