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Brand: Sonic - USA + Denmark


Type: Mini BTE (Behind-the-ear).


Also available in:  - RIC (Behind-the-ear)

For mild to midly severe hearing loss.

*Make the most of every moment with Radiant on the Extend platform.



  • New core DSP from Sonic. Radiant hearing aids shine with digital signal processing powered by Radian-technologies.

  • Premium model, computer-programmable, 14-24 bands and 4 programs (up to13 environment options, include airplane program).

  • Radians can represent a full 360 degrees and are poised to perform rapidly, responding to speech and noise where and when they emerge in the listening landscape.

  • Adaptive-Beamforming Technology, Modulation-Based Technology and high-speed algorithm to identify and filter out noise.

  • Radian Speech Processing with Joint-Compression Technologies implementing two level-estimation systems in parallel fine-tunes the amplification for different signal types(speech versus non-speech sounds).

  • Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) keeps loud sounds clear (up to 113db).

  • Frequency Transfer helps users with severe-toprofound, high-frequency hearing loss hear more speech cues.

  • Tinnitus SoundSupport simultaneously provides amplification and generates sound relief options for patients who suffer from tinnitus..

  • Directly connect with phone and can be adjusted using SoundLink 2 app.

  • Stream music and call (Compatible with Iphone and some Android models)

  • IP Rating IP68 keep dust out and allow for continuous immersion in three+ feet of water.

  • Fitting range: 123/54dB

*Radiant is not designed for swimming or even showering.

Vista Plus CIC

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