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Top 4 leading prestigious hearing aid brands in the world

Updated: Jul 3

The Vietnamese hearing aid market is mushrooming with product lines originating from China. The product design is quite similar to headphones, but is labeled 'hearing aid' which increases the price many times. 

In order for customers to have a clearer view of current hearing aid lines, Stella brings an article listing details about the top 6 leading brands in this medical device, let's refer to the details!

Sonova Group

Sonova Holding AG, formerly Phonak Holding AG, headquartered in Stafa, Switzerland, is a leading global provider of innovative and comprehensive hearing care solutions. Sonova is proud to offer diverse products such as behind-the-ear hearing aids, cochlear implant systems, and wireless communication devices, to improve the quality of life for users worldwide. bridge.

Unitron hearing aid
Unitron hearing aid

The Sonova collection includes 3 main units including: Phonak, Unitron and Vista. Each unit has its own mission and responsibility to help improve the life experiences of deaf people. The products sold on the market are all manufactured in Switzerland - one of the countries famous for hearing aid technology.

In particular, Stella is a hearing aid center and the exclusive distributor for the Vista brand. We guarantee genuine, reputable products imported from the manufacturer, with full labels. The most prominent and chosen by customers is the BTE Vista T610.

Demant Group | High-Grade Hearing Aid

Demant is a world-leading healthcare and hearing technology group built on a legacy of care, health and innovation since 1904. It provides solutions and services that help people Connect and communicate with the world around you. In every aspect, from providing hearing care to providing hearing aids, hearing implants and diagnostic equipment as well as services to hearing care professionals and users worldwide, Demant is always active and engaged.

The top 3 famous brands that always lead in sales and quality cannot help but mention the names: Oticon (Denmark), Sonic (USA), Bernafon (Switzerland). High-end hearing aid products with extremely reasonable prices and features extremely suitable for the needs of Asians, especially Vietnamese.

Enchant Sonic hearing aid
Enchant Sonic hearing aid

Customers who have used hearing aids at Stella cannot help but know that the leading and friendly brand to Vietnamese customers is Sonic. The criteria that make the center prioritize choosing this brand are quality, advanced technology, durability, aesthetics and economic price.

Sivantos (Siemens) Group

Formerly known as Siemens, this group officially transferred the hearing aid brand and technology to Sivantos group, together continuing to expand and develop hearing aid technology under the name Signia. Sivantos opens a new chapter in hearing solutions, researching and developing nearly invisible, automated, and personalized hearing aids.

The pioneering corporation in this field with a vast amount of experience brought brands that were no less competitive than other corporations at that time such as: Signia, Audio Service, Rexton... These brands also had great achievements. its own position in the Vietnamese market because many Vietnamese hearing aid centers distribute genuine products of this brand.

Stella, too, offers a line of hearing aids from Audio Service that certainly do not disappoint customers. The brand focuses on personal customization and offers a variety of products to improve the quality of life. Committed to quality and progress on each product.

Starkey Group

Founded in 1967 by William F. Austin with a very simple philosophy: 'Alone we cannot do much, but together, we can change the world.' We operate by that philosophy every day, and that's why for every Starkey hearing aid sold, we contribute a portion to the Starkey Hearing Foundation to give the gift of sound to those who need it. hearing impaired around the world. They believe that listening to the world and the sounds around them is as important as breathing.

The group's three extremely prominent and popular product lines are Starkey, Nuear and MicroTech. Famous as a line of high-end hearing aids with many convenient modern features, suitable for mid-range and above customers. However, this product line is still recommended by experts and highly appreciated in the market.

Starkey also especially favors Stella center by exclusively distributing the two most famous product lines currently: Starkey and Nuear. The two latest leading products in the hearing aid line apply Artificial Intelligence technology. Extremely realistic sound technology and outstanding features provide a perfect auditory experience.

Above is the entire list of reputable genuine hearing aid brands, please refer to it!

Non-genuine available hearing aids pose many health risks to the listener that the seller does not even know about. Therefore, get rid of the 'cheap' mindset and buy available products today. Investing in a device designed for your personal health is a wise and long-term choice.

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