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Brand: Audio Service - Germany


Type: RIC - Receiver in Canal


Also available in:  

Suitable for mild to servere hearing loss​


1. Technical features.

  • 48 signal processing channels, 20 MPO channels with 6 hearing programs

  • Directly connect with Android/ Iphone: Audio/ Calls streaming from Android/Iphone

  • Fitting range: 130/70dB

  • Battery : 312

2. Automatic function.

  • Intelligent Acclimatic: automatic amplification adjustment within a defined time period for helping new users to get used to the hearing systems gradually.

  • HighRes Comformatic: analyzes the acoustic environment more thoroughly than ever before resulted in a more individualized hearing experience and better sound quality than ever

  • Occlumatic:  help wearers to perceive their own voice more naturally and get used to hearing systems more simply and easily

  • Comfort365: Better focus on sounds you want to hear and less listening effort in challenging hearing situations.

3. Noise manager.

  • Adaptive noise reduction: automatically suppresses unpleasant wind noise and therefore ensures a more comfortable hearing experience, particularly outdoors

  • Binaural wind noise reduction**

  • Auto-situation adaption: automatic control of the noise manager depending on the hearing situation

  • Impulse suppressor

  • Wiener filter

  • MotionSense: Comfortable hearing, even on the move.

  • Selectronic: combining of fast noise reduction with effective directional microphone technology, it improves ease of hearing and reduces the effort required to hear in particularly challenging background noise situations

  • Frequency and dynamics concept with TRC S, Selective frequency compression, HiFi functionality and Extended Dynamic Range compress high-frequency information in a deeper frequency range, extends signal bandwidth to 10 KHz helps wearer hear difficulty high-frequency sounds better and experience multi-faceted, complex and full sound.

Vista Plus CIC

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