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Advanced diagnostic audiometer

A powerful two-channel diagnostic audiometer with enhanced technology for a more accurate and efficient testing experience. All measurements required for hearing testing are included, as well as enhanced tests such as speech audiometry (wave input or live speech) and free field testing.

Special tests such as SISI, Stenger, MLB, Master Hearing Aid (MHA), Hearing Loss Simulator (HLS) and tone decay are also included making it the perfect choice for audiologists, ENTs and hearing aid suppliers within audiology. 

Clinical measurement options

This portable audiometer features everything you’d expect within diagnostic and clinical audiometry. Manual and automatic testing is available for air and bone conduction, along with intuitive tools that enable users to determine hearing loss issues quickly and efficiently.

Key features
  • Industry leading attenuation levels

  • Allows audiometry to be completed in high ambient noise

  • Additional attenuation when an audiology booth is available

  • Accurate and comfortable fit

  • Used by a variety of audiometer suppliers, such as: Interacoustics, MAICO Diagnostics, Inventis, Resonance, Tremetrics, Minato, Inission, Sibel, Natus, Neurosoft, Opportunities, Beijing BTBD, Sivantos, Idem and Auditdata.

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