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Nguyen Thanh H.

Binh Duong

"This is wonderful! My device is so small that a majority of my colleagues don't know that I'm wearing a hearing aid. When I didn't have the device I couldn't hear clearly what people were saying to me and I had difficulties during crowded meetings at work. But after I started wearing one these weren't the problem anymore and in addition I could watch the TV again, my wife is very pleased with the result because we can communicate more easily. I feel like now I wont miss out a thing thanks to the IIC device provided by Stella."

Mark Henry



"As a CEO, I have to travel throughout the provinces, so I always wanted to choose a model that delivers the clearest sounds and is discreet. I often have to interact with many people, such as in meetings, classes, or lectures. I have experience in wearing hearing aids for more than 30 years but I feel most comfortable wearing Puretone hearing aids because the two devices adjust the features and amplifications depending on the environment to have the most clear and balanced sound. This is the best model I've ever worn. Thank you Stella for bringing me Puretone!"


Nguyen Thi Quynh N.

8 years old

"I am Nguyen Thi Quynh N.'s mother, after my daughter was born she could hear and talk normally but her speech was lisp. At first we weren't worried because she was still young and learning but then she grew up and her pronunciation was still the same and her hearing got worse. She often asks me " mother, if you are talking to me please talk to my left ear slowly, clearly and loudly because my right ear can't hear a word." We took her to an ear exam and found out she had severe hearing loss in her right ear and mild in her left ear. Then, we sought help at Stella hearing aid centre and following their advise we chose the best hearing aid that fits her ear and needs. Since the day she started wearing the hearing aids, she could hear in both ears and no longer needed us to talk loudly or to repeat ourselves and especially she started to pronounce the r, th, ph and s more clearly."

Pham Tan H.

30 years old

" I was suddenly severely deaf, I went to the hospital for examinations and treatment but couldn't recover because it was too late. The doctor advised me the only solution was a hearing aid. Learning that I was in complete despair because I just quit my old job and was looking for a new one, if I wear a revealing hearing aid like some incapacitated old man could I get a job? But on the other hand if I don't use one I won't be able to work. After a few days I decided to try it out so I went to Stella hearing aid, the Center understood my worries and advised a series of compact aesthetic devices, placed in the ears, with super-powerful capacity and many other sophisticated functions. I tried it and it was great, it helped me hear clearly and understand again. With the devices in my ears, I could talk to people but no one knew I was using a hearing aid and so after a few weeks I found a new better job. I appreciate the development of science and the kind heart of Stella hearing aid center."

nguyen van t.jpg

Nguyen Van D.

Dong Thap

"I always thought that hearing aids are both big and ugly. But unexpectedly, when I saw all the different styles of hearing aid at Stella I didn't expect them to be that small. After trying it out, I was surprised and happy! When I first put the hearing aid in my ear, I felt that my voice sounded a little strange, not long after I got used to it. I know that this is good for me and everyone around me is more comfortable because I don’t need to talk loudly anymore in order to hear myself talking. I understand now that if I lose something that important, the people around me are also affected."


Sheila H. 

Sheila H. 
My mother-in-law loves her H.A. It's the best one she's ever had, she said. She likes the reminder. It lets her know when the battery's low. They give her free hearing aid batteries occasionally when she goes in for her adjustments. They have been awesome and super nice. We walked in up there and it was a ray of sunshine really with them and it made my mother-in-law feel comfortable. When she walks in there and they have to take her hearing aid out, she can't hear a lick. So, they put her at ease before they take her hearing aid off to do the cleaning because, if she wasn't at ease, she would be hesitant about taking it off. They also get us in and out of there in no time when we go. She's very well pleased with her H.A.


Wayne B. of AL 

I have a high-frequency deficit. I had spent 17 and a half years in the underground coal mining industry around heavy machinery. Using no hearing protection back in that timeframe caused a high frequency loss in the 4,000 Hertz range in my left ear. I also developed tinnitus in my left ear. When I started using these hearing devices, we got them adjusted so they adjusted the sound levels in the frequency where I've got loss at. I started hearing things that I haven't heard in a long time.



I purchased the Enchanted model a month ago, FANTASTIC. No problems hearing anything now. As a matter of fact my hearing is so clear and so crisp I have to ask people to please speak softer. I thought my appliances had received a surge of voltage when the ready beep went off on the microwave or when the refrigerator door open alarm was beeping. I could actually hear them now, crystal clearly. Absolutely no problems with them and I have very waxy ears. I simply clean the little ear piece and no problem. Batteries are great because I use the blue tooth feature all day at work; my batteries last 7 days. I have listened to other brands for much more money and wouldn't change a thing. I have already recommended two people and they love them too.