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Nguyen Thanh H.

Binh Duong

"This is wonderful! My device is so small that a majority of my colleagues don't know that I'm wearing a hearing aid. When I didn't have the device I couldn't hear clearly what people were saying to me and I had difficulties during crowded meetings at work. But after I started wearing one these weren't the problem anymore and in addition I could watch the TV again, my wife is very pleased with the result because we can communicate more easily. I feel like now I wont miss out a thing thanks to the IIC device provided by Stella."

nguyen van t.jpg

Nguyen Van D.

Dong Thap

"I always thought that hearing aids are both big and ugly. But unexpectedly, when I saw all the different styles of hearing aid at Stella I didn't expect them to be that small. After trying it out, I was surprised and happy! When I first put the hearing aid in my ear, I felt that my voice sounded a little strange, not long after I got used to it. I know that this is good for me and everyone around me is more comfortable because I don’t need to talk loudly anymore in order to hear myself talking. I understand now that if I lose something that important, the people around me are also affected."


Phạm Tấn H.

30 Tuổi

'I had sudden, severe deafness. I went for examination and treatment at the hospital but could not recover because it was too late. The doctor advised me to get a hearing aid. I had just quit my job. I'm looking for a new job. If I have to wear a hearing aid like some old man, will I be able to get a job? But if I don't use a hearing aid, I can't hear. How can I work? Struggle I was so worried about myself that I finally decided to try it and see how it goes. I went to Stella hearing aid center. Understanding my concerns, the center advised me on a compact, aesthetically pleasing device, placed in a ear, has super strong capacity and many other sophisticated functions. I tried the device, and it was great, the device helped me hear and understand again like before. With the device in my ear, I can talk I can communicate with everyone, but no one knows I am using a hearing aid. I am deeply grateful for the development of science and the kindness of the Stella center.'


Mark Henry



"As a CEO, I have to travel throughout the provinces, so I always wanted to choose a model that delivers the clearest sounds and is discreet. I often have to interact with many people, such as in meetings, classes, or lectures. I have experience in wearing hearing aids for more than 30 years but I feel most comfortable wearing Puretone hearing aids because the two devices adjust the features and amplifications depending on the environment to have the most clear and balanced sound. This is the best model I've ever worn. Thank you Stella for bringing me Puretone!"


Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh N.

8 Tuổi, Lâm Đồng

'I am the mother of Nguyen Thi Quynh N. After birth, my daughter could hear and speak, but her speech was slurred. We were not worried because we thought our daughter was still young so she could not speak clearly. As she grew older, but I still can't pronounce clearly, my hearing is getting weaker and weaker. In particular, I often tell my parents 'when talking to me, I should speak to my left ear, speak slowly and loudly so I can hear clearly, my right ear 'I can't hear.' We took him for a check-up and discovered that he had profound hearing loss in his right ear, moderate loss in his left ear, and needed a hearing aid. According to the guidance and advice of At Stella Center, we chose for our daughter a hearing aid that is suitable for each ear. Since the day she got the device, she has been able to hear in both ears, and no longer asks her parents to speak loudly and pronounce sounds. The sounds r, th, ph, s are becoming clearer and clearer.'


Enchant SE and Radiant

Deciding to wear hearing aids after many years of hearing loss was the best decision I made. I have sensorineural hearing loss and always feel tired and depressed when communicating with people around me. Since I learned about Stella hearing aids and started using their Enchant SE 20, my life has completely changed. I can listen to speech better and am no longer self-conscious because I can’t hear what others say. I can also hear sounds comfortably and naturally.

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