• CIC - Completely In the Canal

    In-ear hearing systems with G5 technology impress with their unique sound and many
    innovative features. Sina G5 hearing systems can be conveniently operated with the Smart
    Remote App or with the Smart Key remote control.

  • IIC - Completely In the Canal


    The smallest in-the-ear hearing systems from Audio Service are called Icon. These extremely small devices are available as either DIC (from TL 8 upwards) or Mini-CIC systems. It functions completely automatically, i.e. the hearing system automatically adjusts to different hearing situations. These custom-made hearing systems can be worn almost invisibly.

  • CIC - Completely In the Canal

    A range of powerful in-the-canal hearing systems. They are ideal for people with advanced hearing loss. The Sina Hype can optionally feature wireless functionality, to allow wearers adjust hearing programs and volume.

    Models available: Sina Hype 16 G4/ 12 G4/ 4 G4 


    Also available in :> ITC Sina Hype 4 G4

  • IIC - Invisible In the Canal

    The Icon 12 G4 systems offer comprehensive solutions for customized hearing system fitting. The Icon 12 G4 hearing aids are optionally available with wireless function, ensuring additional hearing and operating convenience. Icon is the smallest in-the-ear model from Audio Service, and can be worn almost invisibly.

  • BTE - Behind The Ear


    Volta hearing aids are equipped with all the features necessary for good hearing, discreet and durable in everyday situations. The attractively designed housing of this model can be optimally matched to every persons auditory needs. The Volta hearing aid offers an extremely attractive value for money.

  • BTE - Behind The Ear

    The high-power hearing system is Audio Service's solution for high-grade hearing loss. With separate control elements for program selection and volume setting. HP allows easy adjustment to individual requirement in different situations.

  • BTE - Behind The Ear

    Volta HP T behind-the-ear hearing systems combine a solid hearing aid with an attractive price. Thanks to the volume button this model is easy to use. Suitable for clients with severe to profound hearing loss.

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