19 have passed since the establishment

But the price has not been changed

  • The Best Audiology Team

   General Director HUH BANG BIN Korean master degree Audiologist who established STELLA Hearing Center in 2002 has been suffering severe hearing loss since 1990 and understand the pain of hearing impaired patients well. He has been ​constantly introducing new advanced hearing aids to Vietnamese customers to let them restore natural sounds. 

   Our center has a team of 6 ENT audiology doctors who will recommend you the best hearing aid suitable to your hearing loss types by conducting a thorough ear examination.

  • Aftercare Service

   We provide free lifetime aftercare service including regular check-ups and cleaning.


   We provide the best service for our patients by the slogan "Customer first".

   We make custom made hearing aids in half day and fit to make you hear satisfactory. 


   Free custom made for uncomfortable and conspicuous hearing aids.

   We also offer "Angel Service" to let our staffs visit your home.

  • Best Quality And Price

   We provide you with the most advanced hearing aids at most competitive price.

  We have not increased hearing aids price since the establishment 2002.

  We do not charge margin in repairing hearing aids and selling battery RAYOVAC EXTRA POWER: 60.000 VNĐ/6PCS.​

  • Warranty

   We offer different warranty options that last from 1 to 3 years depending on the model. 


   The customers who want quick repair and clean service have to visit our following head offices: 

  • Head office: 171 Xuan Hong st, ward 12, Tan Binh dist, Ho Chi Minh City.

  • North office: 23 Phương Mai, Phuong Mai Ward, Đong Đa District , Ha Noi.

  • West office: 236 Tran Hung dao, An Nghiep Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho.


Just and Fair Business:​

  • We have been doing our best effort for our customers hear well with new advanced hearing aids at most competitive price.

  • We like honest, fair and just competition to serve better for our customer.

  • We have never attacked another hearing center with dirty slandering rumors.