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The smart choice for better hearing in noise

A paradigm-shift in audio processing

Hearing in noise is the most common issue facing hearing aid users today. Our new G7 technology delivers a paradigm-shift in audio processing that drastically improves this. Using Multi-Track Processing, G7 separates target speech and environmental sounds to process them separately. This remarkable new approach to processing sound results in both better speech understanding and environmental awareness. In the video you can hear the difference.

Multi-Track Processing - a remarkable new approach

Today most hearing aids process sound as one input and one output – resulting in trade-offs when balancing sound quality with speech intelligibility and environmental awareness. With Multi-Track Processing, nothing important is sacrificed. By intelligently separating target sounds, such as speech, and environmental noise, G7 hearing aids are able to process each track individually before the user hears anything. This results in better speech understanding and environmental awareness.


Occlumatic 2.0

The hearing aid recognizes the wearer’s specific voice pattern and processes the wearer’s voice separately and independently from the environmental sounds. This enables the wearer to perceive their own voice more naturally while other sounds stay loud and clear. Occlumatic 2.0 provides a high level of spontaneous acceptance. As a result, the wearer may communicate more and be more socially active, helping to improve their quality of life.


EchoClear Auto

EchoClear Auto helps to suppress unwanted reverberation. In echoing rooms, hearing can be difficult as hearing aids amplify the original sound and the sound´s reflections. With EchoClear Auto, the hearing aids do a real time room analysis and attenuate the disturbing parts of the reverberation.


Headset Mode

Headset Mode enables the wearer to use the hearing aids for speaking and listening during phone calls without having to use their iPhone manually. When connected to an iOS device, the sound is streamed directly to the hearing aids while the built-in microphones receive the voice of the wearer and stream it back to the smartphone. For better speech understanding during phone calls, the signal mix between microphones and streaming is gradually adjustable in Connexx.



Audio signals from iOS or Android smartphones (ASHA protocol), TVs or HiFi devices can be streamed wirelessly to the hearing aid directly or via a transmitter. Let your customers lean back and enjoy every moment without thinking about the world around them.

G7 Products

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ITE / ITC Li 7



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