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Genesis NXG AI

  • Manufacturer: Starkey Nuear

  • Device form: IIC, CIC, ITC, new RIC located discreetly and compactly behind the ear

  • Other available designs: CIC and IIC remain compact as before

  • An unprecedented leap forward in Genesis AI Ear-BrainTM hearing aid technology – starting with the processor inside – to help wearers hear sound the way the brain works and enjoy sound better

  • New Neuro Sound Technology recognizes and encodes meaningful signals (speech) different from noise to significantly enhance speech clarity, especially in noisy environments

  • Up to 24 channels/bands calibrated on computer

  • Automatically adapts to your listening environment, thanks to automatic adjustments 80 million times per hour, so you don't have to change settings or make adjustments if you don't want to change

  • The new RIC design is more discreet and compact behind the ear with an elegant V-shape battery door – while the CIC and IIC models are still as compact as before.

  • Pro8 HydraShield technology with 8 separate protection points helps hearing aids resist sweat, dirt, water drops or immersion in liquids much better than previous models.

  • The rechargeable battery is more durable , up to 51 hours of use on a single charge for RIC machines

  • The Edge Mode+ feature uses AI to optimize sound quality based on your needs, not only increasing speech clarity but also improving listening comfort. The wearer can even save listening programs as the device automatically adjusts to specific environments for other listening environments.

  • Health Check: uses ear science to count steps, track engagement, and help you reach your health goals

  • Connect directly to your phone via Bluetooth through the new user-designed, easy-to-use My Starkey app , take calls, listen to music, and adjust your hearing aids (including on Apple devices* and Android*)

  • Add voice control feature, helping the user not need to press and select on the device or phone (only for some features)

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